Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let's not Complicate's not that Complex.

Illusion of Self/Duality + Manipulated Religion + Propaganda + Illuminati = Absolute Mayhem and unnecessary killing, wars, poverty, famine, pollution....All in the name of "GOD" !!!
Ascension to a higher consciousness is under way as we speak. I am grateful for this 3-D experience which is showing me what I/We are not, and how Impeccably Crucial  LOVE is. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank You Awesome Teacher

I feel that we are all realizing the major flaws and solutions to this bizarre system at our own pace. #BuckingTheTrend #YouAreBeautifulJustTheWayYouAre 


18,600,000 vacant homes in US. Enough for every homeless person to have 6! But we collectively continue to support capitalism, war, fake religion, dictators dressed in suits, and this evil game....While people die daily because of it...Why? #WhyWouldYouVoteForThis #TimeToMakeEverythingAbundant #WeWillAllBeMuchRicherWithoutMoney  #CollaborativeCommons #WeAreAllOne...(We are all extensions of the Creator/Source/ droplets in 1 big ocean. Separation is the biggest illusion EVER.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ubuntu - Contributionism

A great interview featuring the 1 and only Michael Tellinger. I've been communicating with MT and Sid with hopes of helping them/us spread awareness about this beautiful movement. Sid has directed me to Charles Alban who is the USA Ubuntu party National Coordinator. I am waiting to hear how I can contribute and am ecstatic about this endeavor to say the least !!!