Thursday, May 4, 2017

Persuing. Passion^ Projects*

Brilliant. Building^ Bureau*
-Regenerative Reclaimed Renovations & Creations; Aquaponics Educational Oasis
-->Immediate Solutions for Homeless, Hungry & Pollution

414Cast/MKE Trotters 
-All-encompassing Soccer Oasis with focus in the inner cities and area of poverty
-Utilization of Social Media and Live Streaming in particular 

Monday, March 20, 2017

FLUX & the Big 7

"It's time to fix Democracy. Vote to Flux The System!"

Can Technology Save Democracy? 

*This is the closest initiative I've seen which is very similar to 1 of my 5 Life-Long Goals: 

3) Invent collective voting Tool/App utilizing social media to bring people and planet together 

Here are my updated Big 7 Life Goals:

1) Community Aquaponics Vertical Garden/Educational Restaurant Co-Op Cafe Oasis

2)  Collective Voting Tool/App utilizing Social Media/Internet to bring peeps together

3) Planet Earth Peace/Love Minute

4) Hotel 4 Homeless/Homeless Whisperer/ALL Humans of MKE 

5) MKE Soccer Basics.^/MKE Soccer Trotters

6) Brilliant Broadcast AKA 414Cast

7) Brilliant. Building^ Bureau* AKA Regenerative. Reclaimed^ Renovations*