Thursday, July 31, 2014

INTRODUCING your Wisconsin Ubuntu Movement State Coordinator.....

ME !!!
#Grateful #Enthusiastic #NewEra #LETSGO!!! #CONTRIBUTIONISM #UBUNTU 

RECRUITING NOW~! UBUNTU Liberation Movement Global is gearing up. We have over 400,000 supporters worldwide so far, with 1600 in the US. 

There is rapid expansion in Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and in many other countries. We in the USA have been patiently observing, and it is our time to get started!

To complete step 1, Ubuntu USA needs coordinators representing all states, and at least one IT specialist who can create the US portal on the Ubuntu website. We have studied the distribution of volunteers across our nation, and have included a list below.

Would you be willing to serve as a state coordinator or our US webmaster? Sid Freeman of South Africa will be touring the US beginning 8/2. He has requested a list in an effort to meet with as many of us as possible.

The duty of a coordinator is to serve as a point of contact for all the volunteers in your state or region. This includes contacting all of the members, and asking them to start community development in their town. It also includes assisting volunteers and/or directing them to our Ubuntu page for research, help, and sharing their progress with the greater Ubuntu community.

Once we have a list of coordinators, we will assist each other on the framework for Ubuntu community development. Sid already has tools such as community surveys and the first steps to be taken.

Please respond as soon as possible indicating which state/region you can coordinate or whether you can be our IT specialist.

Thank you very much for your help in Step 1!

charles alban

David Bryson New Jersey
Elizabeth Cook Southern New York
Charles Alban North Florida
Karen Viscuso South Dakota
Jared Wisconsin
Karyn Hart Iowa
Erica Kolesar North Carolina

Monday, July 28, 2014

Something HUGE just happened & mainstream media ignoring it as usual...

A long shot, and don't know if the "Powers That Be" would let this happen...But let's see if there are some genuinely strong and good-willed politicians & law-makers who can pull this off!

Change from a federal form of national government, back to a confederacy, which was what existed prior to adoption of the Constitution in 1789. No, not the one that existed during the Civil War, the one that existed between the time we won the Revolutionary War and the time we adopted the US Constitution. What’s that you say, you never knew the United States was a Confederacy before the Constitution? So much for public school education. In fact, the U.S. was a Confederacy and under that form of government, there is NO NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, just states that agree to do business with each other and to defend each other if attacked. How’s that for simple?
If we make the mistake of keeping a federal government, we could dramatically curtail its powers. All elected officials could be term-limited. Judges could be term limited. The jurisdiction of the federal government could be for commerce only; no longer allowing it criminal prosecution powers, leaving that to the states alone.
All Treaties currently in force, could be scrapped. We could cancel our participation in NATO no longer having to assure the safety of Europe by shedding American blood to settle their squabbles. (World War I, World War II, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo etc.) Make Europe defend itself. We could scrap the Treaties with South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, making them defend themselves rather than pledging American blood to keep them safe. After all, for the fifty years or more that we have guaranteed the security of these countries, what have they done for us? Hint: Nothing.
We could scrap the Treaties with Russia concerning our nuclear arsenal, allowing us to re-arm to face the new challenges posed by China becoming a super-power, India, Pakistan and Israel becoming nuclear powers.
We could do away with the federal power to make war; delegating that power to a simple majority of the fifty state legislatures voting in concert.
We could do away with the Federal Reserve which creates money out of thin air, causing inflation to erode our savings and earnings, and start printing our own real money, backed by gold, silver, platinum etc. No more central Bankers to parasite off our hard work the way they do now.
We could do away with the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register, both of which stifle American ingenuity through reams of government regulation.
We could put people ahead of animals and do away with rules that forbid development of land because some little creature lives on it.
We could do away with the Department of Education, which during its existence, has seen the education level of American children drop from #1 in the world to somewhere toward the bottom. This department is a complete and total failure and it should be wiped out of existence.
We could do away with the Department of Energy, which was created during the Carter Administration for the purpose of weening the United States off imported oil. Ask yourself this simple question: In the forty years it has been in existence, has the Department of Energy even come close to achieving what it was created to do? No. It is another total failure and it should be wiped out of existence.
The last time there was a successful amendment was more than four decades ago – the 26th Amendment which changed the voting age to 18. States ratified the 27th Amendment on congressional pay increases, but it took more than 200 years to do it. With the Michigan vote, this time we can right so many wrongs, and finally get the government out of our lives.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let's not Complicate's not that Complex.

Illusion of Self/Duality + Manipulated Religion + Propaganda + Illuminati = Absolute Mayhem and unnecessary killing, wars, poverty, famine, pollution....All in the name of "GOD" !!!
Ascension to a higher consciousness is under way as we speak. I am grateful for this 3-D experience which is showing me what I/We are not, and how Impeccably Crucial  LOVE is. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank You Awesome Teacher

I feel that we are all realizing the major flaws and solutions to this bizarre system at our own pace. #BuckingTheTrend #YouAreBeautifulJustTheWayYouAre 


18,600,000 vacant homes in US. Enough for every homeless person to have 6! But we collectively continue to support capitalism, war, fake religion, dictators dressed in suits, and this evil game....While people die daily because of it...Why? #WhyWouldYouVoteForThis #TimeToMakeEverythingAbundant #WeWillAllBeMuchRicherWithoutMoney  #CollaborativeCommons #WeAreAllOne...(We are all extensions of the Creator/Source/ droplets in 1 big ocean. Separation is the biggest illusion EVER.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ubuntu - Contributionism

A great interview featuring the 1 and only Michael Tellinger. I've been communicating with MT and Sid with hopes of helping them/us spread awareness about this beautiful movement. Sid has directed me to Charles Alban who is the USA Ubuntu party National Coordinator. I am waiting to hear how I can contribute and am ecstatic about this endeavor to say the least !!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

*OUR ORIGINS* Annunaki + Hominid = Sumerians aka US !

Annunaki (Tutankhamun)     (Aliens from Nibiru)  +


Hominid (Earth-Born Species) 

= Sumerians/HUMANS! (Experimental Species/Mankind via manipulating our DNA)


Zacharia Sitchin will tell you all about it. He was a renown scholar & author who spent his entire life researching the origins of mankind...
And here is a fitting presentation to wrap up my summary regarding this mind-boggling theory which I believe:

Will be doing this very soon...

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You won't find this at your local library, or at too many online stores....I wonder why???

SOLUTION: Graviola

So many cancer cover-ups, lies and misunderstandings...Here is ANOTHER cure for cancer that has been hidden from most people:

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