Tuesday, April 29, 2014


"If it's not good for everyone....it's no good at all." -Ubuntu Movement Motto

Here is an intriguing and informative interview of the 4 Ubuntu delegates, Michael Tellinger, Stephen Goodson, Louise Clarke and Sid Organe:

"This is one of the greatest tricks, to make the people believe that the laws of economics, are in the same way unchangeable, as the laws of nature." -Franz Hormann



Wednesday, April 23, 2014


"In every situation you have three choices – to accept it, change it or leave." 

-Eckhart Tolle

Sunday, April 13, 2014

*SOLUTION* The Plant-Chicago

"The Plant is a a new kind of organization in a very old building. We’re working to show what truly sustainable food production and economic development looks like by farming inside an old meatpacking facility, incubating small craft food businesses, brewing beer and kombucha, and doing it all using only renewable energy that we make onsite. By connecting outputs of one business to the inputs of another, we are harnessing value from materials that most people would throw away."


  Check out their

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Solution: WarkaWater !

Amazing Towers In Ethiopia That Harvest Clean Water From Thin Air

Concept and Pics here



"It is intended that forms of poverty and pain, however they exist, are soon vanquished through the harmonious and profitable dealings just ahead of us. Ascension will come most quickly to those who can cooperate to solve great problems, restore peace, exchange equally, and create higher qualities of life for as many people as possible. Believe that injustices in our lives will fade away and that great rewards will be given to those whom the scales favor."

Blood Moon In Libra: Enter The Horsemen

Stop assuming this is conspiratorial. Information is Light. Light travels.


[ih-loo-muh-nah-tee, -ney-tahy] Show IPA
plural noun, singular il·lu·mi·na·to [ih-loo-muh-nah-toh, -ney-] Show IPA .
1. persons possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment.
2. ( initial capital letter ) a name given to different religious societies or sects because of their claim to superior enlightenment.

Monday, April 7, 2014

2 of my favorite solar panel Aquaponics designs:


Perks of Aquaponics

While considering a permaculture oasis life/business plan, Aquaponics continues to speak to my heart as 1 of the best, most sustainable ways to grow natural food. 3 main reasons to go Aqua:
1) Completely sustainable, and symbiotic relationship between fish and produce
2) You recycle 90-95% of water
3) No soil is used

This article delves in to point #3...

The Toxic Secret Buried in Many City Gardens
"According to a recent study, urban gardeners aren’t prone to inspecting the soil they’re planting those tomatoes and pepper plants in—and that's a huge mistake, because toxins make their way into the produce."

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Learn > Think > Create

According to this 15 year-old kid's Wikipedia page!!!!!!.....Jacob Barnett is a mathematician and astrophysicist who, while still a teenager, has become an orator of Physics classes at Indiana University.

Meet Jacob Barnett: "So Einstein had solved a problem, just by thinking about it in his own unique perspective, in his own umique way. He stopped learning and he started thinking and he started creating." -JB when he was 11 years old @ TEDxTeen

I echo his sentiment that no one is a genius..."Were Einstein and Johnson and Newton really geniuses? Absolutely NOT! All they did was, they made the transition from learning, to thinking, to creating."