Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dirty 30: Zeitgeist, Peter Joseph and my new Life

At age 30, my sentiments on living a healthy, logical, sustainable life have been confirmed by being enlightened by this brilliant documentary series. I've always asked my dad, "Why do we need money." We don't. $ is debt intended for elitists and bankers to profit and to control corrupt policies. I feel like we have known this for years......I was forced to go to institutions like church, school and pointless jobs so the invisible "freedom hand" could guide me in the "right" direction. I now am realizing that this plot to control my entire life/decisions/values was merely a tactic to maintain ignorance and sheep-like communal practices in this pathetic corporatocracy that is so "normal?"  Fuck That. Im done. I have always believed that "everything is mental," which it is. We have known these facts for years, but nothing changes. My calling has been declared!

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