Thursday, January 17, 2013

I just watched the most pathetic "ask the expert" show on Milwaukee's Tmj4 news. This character was telling them to train kids about money and the value of working to get paid, it was disgusting. At the end of the interview, they ask viewers to send questions in. Check out mine lol....

Hey, I just watched your interview with the "financial expert," and I am shocked you guys continue to avoid the issue of the monetary system enslaving the majority of people under the control of the elitists, corporations, bankers and politicians. I am fully aware that these conglomerates control the propaganda that all you media spew out distorting reality to uneducated individuals. 
I would like to ask the "expert" how this planet can ever escape debt, as money is purely created from debt? I would also like to ask the "expert" why we haven't transitioned to a resource-based economy, where technology could do most of our jobs, and abundance of resources would be available for everyone? 
We live in a culture in decline, and we do not need money to thrive as a human species. We have clean energy that works, but is not implemented due to the greed and profit-driven motivations of this corporotacracy society. Money is debt, and the 95% are have been so conditioned by media corporations like yourself to continue to be sheep for the elitists. Institutions, religion, politicians and money are outdated ways of life. We have innovative, clean, exponentially growing technologies to create a better way of life. But these logical means of living are being suppressed by CEO's and media conglomerates. 
Do you understand that? I am not trying to call you out per se, rather trying to challenge your mainstream ideologies and practices that are negatively effecting mainstream America. Think about it. Are we really free? Did you sign an agreement when you were born to pay to live? No, your parents and doctor's initiated that process by signing your birth certificate. We need people to be educated in this crazy world, not dumb and scared. This is so important it is literally affecting our evolution. 

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