Friday, July 26, 2013

MK Ultra & Mind Control

"MK Ultra is an old program, scientific experimentation on human beings continues to this day and we are the test subjects.  This can be a lot to take in, but it is necessary to expose the truth about the ones we let govern our planet. The same ones govern all other industries on our planet, yet we continue to participate and even promote them proudly. TV, mass media, and education are extensions of this program. Why wouldn’t they be? They are all funded by the same people that funded MK Ultra!" -\

So let's add a few things up:

1918 - A few years after WWI, Edward Bernays begins his horrendous PR Propaganda campaign. 

 **Weird how Ed and Adolf look alike, were Austrian, and 2 years apart in age?

1945 - WWII ended, & the U.S. quickly recruited German scientists as part of "Operation Paperclip."

1950 - MK Ultra was underway

2013 - People look at you crazy when you tell them that the elite are controlling the planet, literally. And the CIA just now announces they are undergoing Geoengineering studies, years after they have experimented with numerous chemicals on humans across the globe....

So yea, the Elitists, Illuminati, NWO, Tri-Lateral Commission, Tavistock Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, NSA, Bilderberg Group, and the like are seriously fucking shit up.

As Einstein affirmed with his insanity definition, mainstream are brainwashed and continue to vote for schmucks who oppress our rights as human beings....

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