Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Had an amazing discussion/presentation with my Mom's 5th graders...

What is $ and how does it work, were the main talking points of my presentation. The kids were extremely cognizant of how $ affects their personal lives and the planet as a whole. When asking them about the necessity of $, 1 girl brought up how people lived without money before it existed, and how we are the only mammals that use it as a means of survival. I touched on money creation, the Federal Reserve, the Great Depression, debt, what happens to $ when you deposit it into bank, Abraham Lincoln-JFK-Andrew Jackson connection, how means of exchange evolved from shells-to tobacco-to gold-to paper (Fiat) $.
I was very impressed with my mom's 5th graders @ Lincoln Elementary and their ability to be objective about the history of $, who controls it, and the valuation of $ and how happiness is allegedly connected with $. (US currently ranks 17th)

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