Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ascension/PinealGland/Chakras/9 Levels of Consciousness


"Mother Earth decides if we are ready for ascension. Ascension comes when the energy of the Father Sun transmuted by the Mother Earth triggers substantial changes in our human DNA that modifies our cells' vibration helping us to move from the 3rd dimension (where we are now) to the 4th dimension." -Daniel Mitel

Here is an Ascension Guide I will be reading soon which will help with the transition:
The Ascension Study Guide 


The Pineal Gland is a mysterious gland that may be the gate that bridges our physical and spiritual experiences here on Earth, and plays a significant role in Ascension, and is our 3rd Eye. Check out this great article on the gland...There's an Organ in your Brain which Seats your Soul: Meet your Pineal Gland

With all of the external pollutants surrounding us, it is important to detoxify your Pineal Gland. There are 2 major steps in cleansing your pineal gland; 1) Stop further calcification, and 2) remove existing calcification. This article explains in more detail how to go about this...How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland 

Pineal Gland Representation @ the Vatican


The Chakras are points of energy inside & outside our physical bodies. These centers or vortexes are expressions of the different levels of our thought process, not only in the physical but also in extra-physical realms. They were originally designed to 1) Allow Universal Energy to flow into the physical body & to be distributed throughout the body, 2) To allow energy to flow into and out of the aura, & 3) To bring about the development of self-consciousness.
The chakras take universal energy, break it down into useable parts & through energy channels called Nadis, pass the energy to the endocrine glands, nervous system & blood.
The main objective is to increase the coefficient of light inside of your regular Chakras & gradually awaken the Internal Divine Stars within your energetic template. Once the initiation with the Stellar Code process begins, the Chakras will begin to rotate upwards creating a vertical column of light. The Heart Chakra is the key. Once the Heart Chakra begins to rotate, the other will follow naturally creating a beautiful column of light.



-Linear time/Continuity is an illusion, every moment is completely new.
-Our bodies are literally changing every second by Quantum energy packets flashing in & out of existence billions of times a second creating all physical life.
-Physical reality happens within our consciousness, not outside.

The Oversoul individuates into individual souls to experience a plethora of incarnated lives in all dimensions akin to our body carrying billions of cells each with their own lives. The Oversoul is non-physical energy which carries all the lives simultaneously/synchronistically & gets feedback from all lives, @ all times, @ once!!! We are branches of the Infinite Intelligent Energy with the purpose of Playing, Learning, & Growing in this 3rd Density, and at some point after experienceing all of these different incarnations/realities/experiences/lessons, we will make our journey back to the Infinite Creator, as we are all 1. 

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