Friday, January 31, 2014

4 Spectacular Facts about the Pyramids:

1) There are Pyramids on every continent, & we are discovering them under water now as well!

2) The Giza Pyramids (The Big-3) align precisely with the Orion Constellation. There are many implications of Orion having major significance, and this is just freaky.

3) The Pyramids were built above limestone aquifers which have the capability of generating energy/power/electrical current! To think that the Pyramids are ENERGY MACHINES is absolutely mind boggling. What is their main function? Will we find out soon? #TheGreatHarvest

4) The Pyramids on the Band of Peace harness harmonically tuned chambers to a specific musical frequency and possibly designed to replicate harmonic cavities of the body! Sound healing techniques were used to restore the patients body to the correct harmonic within. (Nuts!)

I HIGHLY recommend watching this documentary titled The Pyramid Code


Energy Structures???

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