Monday, May 26, 2014


Just found out that our Sun is in a binary system with Sirius, the largest star in the night sky. Per the accurate description of the 24,000 Precision Cycle by the Mayans, our Sun is constantly dancing with Sirius, and on December 21, 2012 the cycle ended (No, the world of course didn't end like the fear-mongers claimed-Another typical tactic to keep us ignorant and fearful). The Sun has begun it's path back to its sister star Sirius as we exit the Iron Age/Kali Yuga or Dark Age, and enter/ASCEND to the Bronze Age/Dwapara Yuga. The Great Transition is occurring as we speak where we will retain our awareness and wisdom as we travel towards the Golden Age/Satya Yuga to reclaim our 100% Consciousness! I felt this shift unequivocally 2 months before December 21, 2012 hence the creation of this blog!

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