Monday, April 20, 2015


"Dear Jared Brill,Hello Again..You Have My Gratitude For Your Area Grounds Cleaning Money ($10 Donation).It Really Helps Me &*MS.CINDY*..On Facebook,Couldn't Find You because,too many"Jared Brill"Named Individuals. >Professional/ Personal Regards;to You&*MS.JENNY*<,*MR.WALLY*(Your Friend Always Offering; Electronics,Books,Management,Cleaning,&Other Jobs to Help You For Sale in Milw.,WI"

Received this email after giving a beautiful soul, named Wally, my life card. This man sweeps up the street by Jennie's apartment by Brady street every day! He is a diligent lightworker and am grateful for his service and glowing demeanor. I am working on a few projects, 1 of them being the [ALL] Humans of Milwaukee idea and the Homeless Hotel concept. Looking forward to collaborating with Wally in the near future! :)

Love & Light

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