Sunday, September 4, 2016

*** RBC & the HumanKind Concept!

I dedicate my 500th post to my Brilliant Father Richard Peter Brill!
Post still in the works...

My dad is the definition of exuberance, joy and love and I am forever grateful for that! I have learned a great deal from my dad throughout my life, and in 2012 our journey's collectively catapulted to new levels of higher consciousness. 1 of the things RB shared with me that has made a huge impact in my life is the realization of weather modification aka chemtrails aka solar radiation aka Operation Indigo Skyfold.


And this is def something for us to look into pops!!!

RBC quotes, "HumanKind....We have the Prefix figured out pretty good. Now we just need to figure out how to do the Suffix better." -Rick Brill 8-13-16

"I want to help you CHAMPION life. (Brilliantly 1:6)
Basics. Better^ Brilliant*

Final RBC Logo in the works...

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