Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Fertile Ground of Bewilderment

Whenever we experience a "problem" our culture insists we look externally for a culprit/antagonist to launch an attack on. Noticing symptoms of being sick...War against viruses, take this pill. Weeds in the garden....Go to war w/ them by dumping pesticides. Kids aren't doing hat we want them to be doing...War on Teachers etc.
Charles talks about the current "War w/Capitalism" and the pressure to maximize return....This system is "Built on the mythology of separation that holds us as separate individuals in a world of other, as these bubbles of psychology bouncing around, locked in a prison of flesh, separate from each other, separate from other beings in nature, separate from the world...interacting with it, but existentially separate."

"We need to be comfortable Not Knowing."

This larger cultural story of separation is creating these rituals of fear. What do we do about this poisoned cultural narrative?
~~~Intellectual force may not be the most effective
~~~Giving people an experience that contradicts the world of fear could be a Better^ Brilliant* solution

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