Saturday, November 29, 2014

Love You Colin Turner!

People who spend their time hating and blaming politicians, CEOs or corporations for the problems in the world today are, themselves, utterly instrumental in perpetuating those problems. There are a load of reasons why I think so:
1. Perhaps most significantly, such behaviour is a fundamental abdication of responsibility for dealing with what are, in fact, shared problems.
2. The people who they cast aspersions on with such vitriol are themselves slaves to, and blinded by the system. They are equally trapped in a mystical world of numbers, from which they see no logical escape in trying to tackle problems. The fact that rich folk are more privileged is irrelevant in the search for solutions.
3. The people who are casting the aspersions are doing nothing except perpetuating the myth that some people have a higher power over them. Blaming emphasizes the very social divide that they are hating, when, in fact, nothing at all physically exists between either being. They are simply disempowering themselves, and further empowering those they hate.
4. Division weakens. The more divides we create among ourselves, the more complex and impossible our problems seem. We are all people, absolutely equal. Don't believe anyone who tells you anything different.
Unfair governance, unfair decisions and unfair judgements are all products of an unfair system, not bad people. Think about it, do you seriously think that politicians are going to run for office just so that they can muck people about? Of course not. Politicians go into office to try and make a positive difference, but the system simply doesn't allow it.
You will probably never appreciate this logic until you begin to start thinking of our system as optional, not compulsory. All of this bullshit we do every day. What if we all just stopped doing that? Forever? Are we all just going to rapidly descend back into wild animals? Or are we going to see our society still as something we can improve? Imagine what we could do if money was, literally, no object?
It's only when you start experimenting with these thoughts like these does our current system suddenly start looking like a dodgy second-hand car. Are we going to keep fixing it or shouting at it like Basil Fawlty?

Come on, we can do better. Let's do better. [CT]

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