Monday, February 11, 2013

So I guess the stars weren't out this night?!

IDK why this just dawned on me, but seriously where are all of the millions of stars we all see nightly on any of the moon landing pics???

I was led onto this revelation via a Zeitgeist interview, who mentioned Charles Eisenstein, who mentioned Crop Circles and Moon Rising.

1 reason I respect Charles and his work is because he is a critical thinker and down to earth. These are 2 rare qualities now-a-days. He critiques the documentary Thrive, which mirror my sentiments 100%
"The money system and its underlying mythology necessitate the roles that the power elite fill. Remove those people without changing the underlying beliefs, and new tyrants will rise to take their place. However strong our idealism, do we imagine that our revolution against evil will produce results any better than the French Revolutionaries or the Bolsheviks did? The War against Evil never ends, because it generates a limitless supply of new enemies, progeny of its own shadow." - Charles Eisenstein

The frustration that resides over my existence currently is akin to starting life all over again at age 30. All of the stories, lies, illusions that have been shoved down my throat have to be questioned and analyzed moving forward.

And this doc cements my belief that the moon landing was a hoax:

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