Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WE Energies

So 2 days after WE Energies had a malfunction underground and an explosion shot up manholes 100 feet and wiped out electricity downtown, and 1 day after North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb underground creating an artificial earthquake, and the day of the Christopher Dorner Extravaganza, I decided to call my Energy company for some answers. I called WE Energies and spoke with a Marilyn, who said she had zero information about the situation. I demanded to speak with her supervisor, she put me on hold and said her supervisor was busy and didn't have any information either?! I called again, and spoke with a Lisa, and she told me all she knew was what the news was saying?! At this point I am enraged. I told her I was going to be filling a complaint because the company she represents that just had an explosion, was unable to give me any information. You could sense that she was getting very worried about this and she asked me if she wanted someone to call me back to discuss. I gave them my cell, and I got a call from a Cathy who left a voice-mail. I called her back, and a Barry answered from the media department. He, like the other representatives, kept trying to get all of my personally information, probably to confirm that before he talks to me, confirmation that I'm a paying customer was necessary, which I am. I gave him my first name, and that was it. He explained to me that some cables caught on fire underground which prompted an explosion. As vague as it gets, thanks Barry! I started to talk with him for awhile about life, morals, money and how there are cleaner forms of energy. He was actually listening to me, but very defensive of his culture, like most are because they are so conditioned. I explained to him that none of us ever signed up to pay to live, and he chuckled. LOL. So I asked him if I could get his email to forward him alternative forms of energy and how they work, because he was adamant that he knew nothing about how anything could possibly replace the current energy practices. So this is what I sent him, let's see if he replies to me.......

Hey Barry,

This is Jared, we spoke earlier today on the phone. Thanks for taking some time to talk with me, its always good to hear all perspectives of any situation to maintain objectivity and factual information, which seems hard to come by these days.
Anyways, there are a plethora of ways to substitute all of the current energy sources that would not produce explosions and excess pollution. People observe the devastating affects current energy has on our 1, finite planet, and they have been able to come up with alternative solutions. I know you are aware of this, you are in the media department! 
Funding for implementation of these new forms of energy are virtually impossible to obtain, as there is a corporatocracy way of life right now. In other words, our economic system and political systems are based off of corporations and corporate interests. Once again, Im sure you are aware of this.
So, here is a link to alternative energy sources that are cleaner, and work very well. They do not use finite resources such as oil for example.....http://www.homepower.com/

Other awesome examples of humans thinking critically and discovering alternatives:
-The gravity-powered lamp http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/282006
-Solar ovens http://www.sunoven.com/archives/category/daily-solar-cooking-recipe
-Biomass http://www.biomasscenter.org/
-Also a great way to create more jobs for all http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/

Barry, I could go on and on. Mainstream is becoming more knowledgeable and aware of our sad culture in decline. Like I said, when did we sign up to pay to live?
Anyways, sorry for blabbing on, Im going to leave you with a quote, and a couple documentaries to watch. I really encourage you to to take a couple hours out of your day to check this stuff out.
"It's really hilarious to see how human beings are their own prisoners through pure imagination. It is strange how humans behave like photocopiers; once they have established perceptions about their world, they perpetuate those perceptions and resist any change to them. You are not an intelligent life form if you trap yourself with technology and information that you created." - From the documentary TROM
Check out Martin Scorsese's film titled "Surviving Progress"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3DuampumYoc
"Century of the Self" = Which talks about how Edward Bernays used his war propaganda efforts to create "peace" propaganda aka P.R. and Advertising (Which I just got my degree in unfortunately) This blew me away to learn about how 1 individual could create the dangerous consumerism society that thrives today.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmUzwRCyTSo
"The Money Fix" - Which breaks down the origin of money and how it prevents us from evolving. Think about it, imagine how much humans could advance/thrive if every critical social decision didn't start with the question, "How will this affect the economy?" or "How much will it cost?" No money = no more unnecessary competition and greed, rather collectivity and cooperation would generate the most beneficial solutions and ways of life for all.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TwmM5Nb6hiE

And finally, check out "Zeigeist", which will really challenge you to think about your morals....http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
I hope to talk with you again in the near future.

Take care,


And check this guy out! Typical Shiesty resume as usual........
Come on Barry! If I can shed some light on you, it'll be GAME ON!

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